Yield Master Model 1603e
Yield Master Model 1603e
Comprehensive Process Control for Tentering

The Yield Master Indicating Controller Model 1603e provides comprehensive monitoring and control for tenter/stenter frames. Simple operator callup of style number loads specific set points and control limits for key process paramters. The system design is modular such that the optimum combination of sensors and control devices can be included for the specific process setup. Its features include...

  • Microprocessor-based PLC system including membrane keyboard and 1/4-VGA LCD display with non-volative memory for processing parameters, multi-channel input and output cards, RS-232 port for report generation and RS-485 port for network connection.
  • Typical measurements and controls include residual moisture, stretch/shrinkage/overfeed, pick or course count, density, width, wet pickup, exhaust humidity, and fabric surface temperature including dwell control.
  • Residual moisture measurement provided by the Strandberg Moisture-to-Computer Interface Type 1035E. Strandberg offers moisture calibration services for ISO-9000 compliance.
  • The optional Series 2700 Operator Console package provides a touchscreen monitor with PC for unlimited storage of style processing data, historical data archiving and report generation.

For brochure, 1603.pdf or list of items and accessories 1603e Item List

Laser Pick/Course Counter  Model 7762A
Laser Pick/Course Counter Model 7762A
Digital Indicator

The Laser Pick/Course Counter Model 7762A utilizes advanced laser optics to precisely measure the linear density of moving fabric in terms of pick or course counts. Its features include...

  • Big figure digital display of pick or course count to 0.1 counts per inch or centimeter precision with simple keyboard entry of set point and limits for high and low LED alarm indication.
  • Water-tight, durable enclosure designed to withstand the harshest of mill environments.
  • Laser Sensor Type 6307A is hermetically sealed and nitrogen gas filled to maintain long-term performance of internal components.
  • High speed digital signal processing analyzes each thread used the the measurement calculation. The laser beam angle is continously checked for optimum position to maintain accuracy.
  • Utilizes Type R-90-200 surface-driven speed/length transducers with cast, stainless steel wheels to maintain accuracy for long-term use in contact with abrasive materials and in applications with significant temperature shifts.
  • Optionally use Type FM-90-200 shaft-driven speed/length transducers for applications in which material contact is not feasable. Simply enter a ratio easily calculated from roll diameter and sprocket sizes.
  • Industry standard, scalable 4-20mA outputs or pick/course count and speed values, allowing the unit to be easily integrated into higher level control or monitoring systems. Optionally, the current set point value can be substituted for the speed output so that the higher level system can compare actual versus target values.

For brochure, 7762a.pdf or list of items and accessories Pick/Course Count Item List

Microwave Moisture Sensor
Moisture Sensor Type 9900
Noncontact Microwave Moisture Sensor Type 9900 with Accu-Lock+

Strandberg is pleased to announce an important upgrade of the Noncontact Moisture Sensor Type 9900. The 9900 sensor utilizes latest microwave reflectance technology to measure moisture in web and bulk materials from very dry to saturation. The 9900 has been successfully applied in many demanding moisture measurement applications. High-speed Accu-Lock+ technology is now included in the 9900 sensor which significantly broadens the range of 9900 applications. Features include...

  • Noncontact measurement of moisture, wet pickup, size add-on linear from zero percent to saturation.
  • Water-tight, durable enclosure designed to withstand the harshest of industrial environments.
  • Includes Accu-Lock+ high-speed digital signal processing technology to eliminate variations due to material position or height. Separate analog outputs provided for real-time and Accu-Lock+ measurements.
  • Easy to install, set up and calibrate.
  • Industry standard analog outputs 0-10 volts and 4-20 mA d-c linear with moisture allow simple integration into higher level control or monitoring systems.
  • Optional indicating control displays include Moisture Monitor Model 7701 and Multi-channel Indicating Controller Model 1610e.

For brochure, Moisture Sensor Type 9900.pdf.

Moisture Monitor Model 1610e
Multi-Channel Moisture Monitor Model 1610e
For Wet Pickup, Size Add-on, Residual Moisture and Profile Applications

Strandberg is pleased to announce the availability of a multi-channel monitoring and control system which utilizes the latest microwave reflectance and electrical resistance measurement technologies in various combinations to meet a broad range of moisture applicatons. The Multi-Channel Indicating Controller Model 1610e connects to Type 9900 Noncontact Moisture Sensors and Type 1035G Contact-type Residual Moisture Interfaces as well as other sensors to provide an optimal measurement and control system for the intended application. Features include...

  • Microprocessor-based PLC system including membrane keyboard and 1/4-VGA LCD display with non-volative memory for processing parameters, multi-channel input and output cards, RS-232 port for report generation and RS-485 port for network connection.
  • Noncontact Moisture Sensor Type 9900 for measurment of wet pickup, size add-on, coating pickup and residual moisture.
  • Resistance-based Moisture-to-Computer Interface Type 1035G utilizing a wide variety of contact sensors such as detector rolls, insulated full-span rolls, sensing plates, rods, duct probes, conveyor finger type probes and many more.
  • Typical applications include wet pickup profile measurements for padders, size add-on measurements, coating pickup measurements, padder profile and predryer moisture measurements for Thermosol ranges, residual mositure profile and coating measurements on carpet drying ranges.
  • The Model 1610e stores all process setup information for each article in non-volatile memory for easy operator callup. Big figure displays update all measurement information while the control loops keep values at their targets.
  • Connect chart recorders or a printer to produce length-based maps and summary reports.

For brochure, Moisture Monitor Model 1610e.pdf.

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